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Ace Service Plan Pack

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £19.04includes:2x 1Kg Chlorine2x 1Kg Non Chlorine shock1x 1Kg pH+1x 1..

Stabilised Chlorine Bonus Deal

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £2.932X 5kgs Stabilised ChlorineSanitise your hot tub with easy to use u..

Non Chlorine Shock Bonus Deal

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £4.652x 5Kgs Non-Chlorine Shock Ideal as an alternative sanitiser f..

Non Chlorine Shock and Stabilised Chlorine

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £2.931x 5kgs Stabilised Chlorine and 1x 5kgs Non Chlorine Shock This com..

Cartridge Cleaner Bonus Deal (Filter Degreaser)

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £2.385x 1 ltr bottlesKeep your filters in tip top condition. When used r..

Instant Filter Cleaner Bonus Deal

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £1.983x 500ml bottlesAn AquaSpakrkle product. Use Instant Filter Cleaner..

Scale Away (inhibitor) BONUS DEAL

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £3.005x 1 ltr bottlesAlso known as scale inhibitor.ScaleAway will preven..

AquaCheck 4 Way Test Strips Bonus Deal

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £1.442x (50s) potsPool and Spa Test Strips with results in 15 seconds.Te..

Vanishing Act Bonus Deal for Ace

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £39.99Vanishing Act Calcium remover bag for the Ace Sanitiser system 4 f..

5 way test strips Bonus Deal

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £1.352x (50s) PotsTests forBromine,Chlorine,Alkalinity,pHand total hardn..

Chlorine Starter Pack

If you are re-commissioning your spa or installing a new purchase then this has everything yo..

Chlorine/Bromine Gold Service Plan Pack

B0NUS DEAL - SAVE £19.43If you have just purchased a pre-loved spa, or if you are starting..

Spa Maintenance Kit

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £4.17Items purchased singularly = £41.73Includes:1x Surface Cleaner 1 lt..

Drain Down Pack

It is recommended by BISHTA (British Irish Spa & Hot Tub Association) that you should drain your..
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