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Cover Valet Gas Shock 200 (with orange lock)

Gas spring shock with lock assembly for a Cover Valet lifter...

Drain Cap

Drain Cap with washerpn 30700..

Lid/Hot Tub Cover buckles

Lid buckles male and female set of 4 pn 71515..

Motomassager dual moto manifold

Motomassager dual moto manifoldpn 73540If you have a dual motomassager then check the manifold that ..

Motomassager single airline tube

Motomassager air tube with 'o' ring for use with single motomassagerpn 70307Check the air line tube ..

Ozone Corona Discharge Freshwater III

Watkins highly recommends the Freshwater III Ozone purification Accessory (pn 72603) for your Hotspr..

Ozone Tubing

Ozone tubing pn 72228 (Also see pn 1044101 check valve as sold as a separate part)Used in the W..

Silver Ions Adaptor for Ace Systems

Adaptor for the Freshwater continuous Silver Ion Sanitiser on HotSpring model spas with Ace.(Photo s..

Tiger River Screen Suction Fitting (drain sock)

Screen suction fitting (drain sock) for Tiger River spas pn 35463Fits over the drain suction in the ..

Water Softener Hose Adapter, Female

Female Hose adapter connector for the portable water softener.Also see male hose adapter pn 77342Use..

Water Softener Hose Adapter, Male 77342

Hose adapter, male for the portable water softener.Also see female hose adapter pn 302966Used with a..
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