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Ace Service Plan Pack

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £19.04includes:2x 1Kg Chlorine2x 1Kg Non Chlorine shock1x 1Kg pH+1x 1..

Ambient Thermometer

Thermometer for use in either Hot Tubs, Spas or Pools to take a water temperature reading, or can..

Aromascent Spa Fragrance 500GMS

Turn your hot tub into an aroma spa experience and delight all of your senses.Spa Aromatherapy Cryst..

Bromine Tablets

Bromine Tablets for sanitising your hot tub1kg PotThese Bromine Tablets are ideal for daily dosin..

Bromine Water Care Kit

Spa Fresh Bromine spa water care kit.  End of line stock.Kit contains following1x 500g Bromine ..

Clarkes CSE 1 230v submersible water pump

Clarkes submersible electric water pumpincludes 1x 1" diameter 10m layflat blue hoseand 1x 24-36mm j..

Stabilised Chlorine 1kg

Sanitise your hot tub with easy to use ultra-fine grade stabilised chlorine granules.Available in si..

Ace Cell / Probe

Replacement Ace Cell / Probe pn 76078. For use with the Ace salt water sanitizing system to aut..

Cartridge Cleaner (Filter Degreaser)

Keep your filters in tip top condition. When used regularly Cartridge Cleaner reduces oily build up ..

Foam Away

FoamAway has been specifically formulated for use in spas to prevent foaming.   The product sho..

Hot Tub Flush (System Cleaner)

"The Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker plus of the Hot Tub World!"0.5 ltr bottleHot Tub Flush (system cleane..

Instant Filter Cleaner

An AquaSpakrkle product. Use Instant Filter Cleaner as part of the regular cleaning routine of pool ..

LoChlor Clean Cell Plus

Concentrated salt chlorinator cell cleaner - removes scale, grime and organic build-up. Will not har..

LoChlor Salt Cell Protector Plus

Salt Cell Protector Plus reduces deposits on salt chlorinator cells improves chlorine production.&nb..

Portable Water Softener (purifier) Large

A portable unit that can be used again and again for refilling your hot tub with soft water.  I..

Portable Water Softener (purifier) small

A portable unit that can be used again and again for refilling your hot tub with soft water.  I..

Scale Away (inhibitor)

Also known as scale inhibitor.1ltr bottleAlso available as a Bonus Deals here.ScaleAway will pr..

Silver Ions Adaptor for Ace Systems

Adaptor for the Freshwater continuous Silver Ion Sanitiser on HotSpring model spas with Ace.(Photo s..

Spa Bromine Infused Granules

Spa Bromine Infused Granules are a highly effective sanitiser formulated to kill and prevent bacteri..

Spa Frog Bromine Cartridge

For use in the Spa Frog and Floating systems.Pre-filled, disposable and long lasting spa santiser.On..
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