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pH Reducer / decreaser / down / minus

pH Reducer contains sodium hydrogen sulphate1.5 kgs per potThe ideal pool and spa pH levels are betw..

Alkalinity Increaser

Alkalinity increaser contains sodium bicarbonate.1kgs per pot.Low total alkalinity (TA) may cause sp..

Instant Filter Cleaner Bonus Deal

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £1.983x 500ml bottlesAn AquaSpakrkle product. Use Instant Filter Cleaner..

4 Way Aquasparkle Test Strips (50s)

Test Strips can be used in both Pools and Spas with results in 15 seconds.50 test strips per pot.Tes..

Scale Away (inhibitor) BONUS DEAL

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £3.005x 1 ltr bottlesAlso known as scale inhibitor.ScaleAway will preven..

Aquacheck 4 way test strips (50s)

Pool and Spa Test Strips with results in 15 seconds.50 test strips per pot.Tests for pHFree Chl..

AquaCheck 4 Way Test Strips Bonus Deal

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £1.442x (50s) potsPool and Spa Test Strips with results in 15 seconds.Te..

5 Way Test Strips

Tests forBromine,Chlorine,Alkalinity,pHand total hardness i.e. calcium.  50 test strips per pot..

Vanishing Act Bonus Deal for Ace

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £39.99Vanishing Act Calcium remover bag for the Ace Sanitiser system 4 f..

5 way test strips Bonus Deal

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £1.352x (50s) PotsTests forBromine,Chlorine,Alkalinity,pHand total hardn..

Chlorine Starter Pack

If you are re-commissioning your spa or installing a new purchase then this has everything yo..

Chlorine/Bromine Gold Service Plan Pack

B0NUS DEAL - SAVE £19.43If you have just purchased a pre-loved spa, or if you are starting..

Spa Maintenance Kit

BONUS DEAL - SAVE £4.17Items purchased singularly = £41.73Includes:1x Surface Cleaner 1 lt..

Drain Down Pack

It is recommended by BISHTA (British Irish Spa & Hot Tub Association) that you should drain your..

Silver Ions Freshwater sanitiser

Freshwater continuous Silver Ion SanitiserUsed as part of your sanitisation system, the silver helps..

Silver Ions Bonus Deal

Freshwater continuous Silver Ion Sanitiser x3 single packs.Used as part of your sanitisation system,..

Floating Dispenser

Floating Bromine or Chlorine Dispenser for spa.Mushroom Shapedlength 130mmdiameter 120mmCan hold up ..
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