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Ambient Thermometer

Thermometer for use in either Hot Tubs, Spas or Pools to take a water temperature reading, or can..

Booster Seat

Need that little extra boost when seated in your hot tub. Suitable for all spas and hot tubs.&n..

Clarkes CSE 1 230v submersible water pump

Clarkes submersible electric water pumpincludes 1x 1" diameter 10m layflat blue hoseand 1x 24-36mm j..

Extenda Spa & Pool Skimmer Net

This Leaf Skimmer is perfect to clear leaves and debris from your spa and swimming pool surface.It c..

Hand Rail

A swivel style hand rail that rotates 180 degrees so that when you are inside your hot tub you can s..

Hold Down/Storm Straps

Secure Hold Down Storm Straps.Made to adjust to a variety of spa sizes by simply altering the positi..

Polymer Steps Redwood/Coastal/Espresso

Redwood (rust) colour Polymer steps. A genuine Watkins product.Hard wearing polymer steps available ..

Portable Water Softener (purifier) Large

A portable unit that can be used again and again for refilling your hot tub with soft water.  I..

Portable Water Softener (purifier) small

A portable unit that can be used again and again for refilling your hot tub with soft water.  I..

Spa Vac

Spa vacuum to clean your spa.Handheld Vacuum wand kit. - Eliminate sand, gravel and other debri..

Water Softener Hose Adapter, Female

Female Hose adapter connector for the portable water softener.Also see male hose adapter pn 77342Use..

Water Softener Hose Adapter, Male 77342

Hose adapter, male for the portable water softener.Also see female hose adapter pn 302966Used with a..

Water Wand Cartridge Comb for Filter Cleaning

The Water Wand Comb helps to give a deep clean to your filter(s) by getting in between the pleats wh..

Drain Down Pack

It is recommended by BISHTA (British Irish Spa & Hot Tub Association) that you should drain your..

Silver Ions Bonus Deal

Freshwater continuous Silver Ion Sanitiser x3 single packs.Used as part of your sanitisation system,..

Floating Dispenser

Floating Bromine or Chlorine Dispenser for spa.Mushroom Shapedlength 130mmdiameter 120mmCan hold up ..
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