Drain Down Pack

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It is recommended by BISHTA (British Irish Spa & Hot Tub Association) that you should drain your spa every 3/4 months if used regularly or more often for heavy usage.  This is an ideal time to also soak your filters in Cartridge Cleaner to degrease them.  If you have an Ace system then it is recommended by the manufacturer that you drain your spa every 6 months. You can only use Silver Ions with an Ace system if you have an adaptor. 

This pack contains those essential items for when you drain down your spa and refill. 

1x 1 Ltr bottle of Cartridge Cleaner to deep clean and soak your filters to remove grease and oils.
1x 1 bottle 500ml System Cleaner/Hot Tub Flush - A little like a Mr Muscle drain unblocker.  Highly acidic to kill off bacteria that ordinary Chlorine can't and to clean out your internal pipework.  Please read the care label.
1x Silver Ions Cartridge - Lasts up to 4 months to help repel bacteria so the Chlorine can attack and oxidise off the bacteria more easily.

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For more information on water care and spa maintenance please see our videos at http://pinterest.com/hottubassist or download our free helpful hints guide from the website.

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