Hot Tub Pillow Tiger River Grey

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Pillow headrest for HotSpring Tiger River model spas.  pn 72578

appx 32cm long, 12cm wide with button fixings on the reverse for self fit.  Please see pictures.

For year of manufacture from 1998 to serial number ***4m****

Please see inside your service compartment to check your spa serial number which will be alpha numeric.  

It will start with 1-2 letters to indicate the model, then then the letter 'E' for export; followed by a number 1 to 4 to indicate the quarter of the year it was manufactured; then a letter to signify the year it was manufactured; then 4 numbers which is the serial number. 

Top Tip:  If you sanitise your spa with chlorine then use non-chlorine shock to shock dose your hot tub on a weekly basis.  This means you can use your hot tub quicker, it is kinder to you when bathing, and it means you are not saturating your spa with chlorine so it improves the longevity of your spa including your cover and pillows.

For information on water care & spa maintenance please see our guide on the website that you can download or watch one of our videos on

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