Ozone Corona Discharge Freshwater III

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Watkins highly recommends the Freshwater III Ozone purification Accessory (pn 72603) for your Hotspring® spa. The Freshwater III ozone system utilizes Corona Discharge (CD) technology to produce a higher concentration of ozone than is produced by competing ultraviolet light (UV) ozone systems. 

The ozone works in harmony with your regular sanitisation routine as the spa 
water passes through the generator and is zapped with ozone to kill off the bacteria. More information on your ozone and how to care for it can be found in your Owners Manual.

The Ozone generator uses an electrical current to generate ozone and injects an extra oxygen atom to produce O3 that when it comes in to contact with any organic matter, including bacteria and viruses the atom leaves the oxygen and oxidizes the organic matter to kill it. The only byproduct of this process is oxygen O2.

The benefits of having an ozone.

  • Natural ozone is a form of oxygen and is a very powerful spa sanitiser.
  • Automatic sanitation that helps to provide an easier way to maintain your hot tub water.
  • Ozone reduces the need for chemicals such as chlorine and bromine by appx  60 – 90%.
  • Ozone kills up to 99.99% of dangerous microbial agents like bacteria and viruses on contact.
  • Ozone oxidizes the widest range of organic materials, including human fluids, of any spa sanitizer.
  • The only byproduct of ozone is ordinary oxygen – and oxygen actually contributes to the sparkling clarity of your hot tub water.
  • Has a life expectancy of up to 5 years.

To order your ozone and arrange for delivery and fitting for mainland England & Wales residents only - please speak to one of our Customer Consultants and ask for a quotation. For customers living in the Isle of Wight & Isle of Man additional Ferry costs will be charged. 

If you would like delivery only then this will usually be delivered by a third party courier company which you can discuss with a Customer Consultant who will be able to provide you with a quotation. This is for UK only and can only be sold to the HotSpring owner.

For more information on your ozone, water care and spa maintenance please download the free guide available on the website or why not look at some of our videos available on http://pinterest.com/hottubassist

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