Ozone Tubing

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Ozone tubing pn 72228 (Also see pn 1044101 check valve as sold as a separate part)

Used in the Watkins Freshwater Corona Discharge Ozone purification Accessory for your Hotspring® spa, that works in harmony with your regular sanitisation routine to kill off bacteria.

The ozone tubing can become brittle and worn from general wear and tear having been exposed to the chlorine and ozone in your spa. 

You can choose to replace this consumable part as a self fit item or arrange for one of our service technicians to visit to check and replace the item for you by speaking to one of our customer consultants and arranging a call out visit.  (Service visits applies to England and Wales, customers living in the Isle of Wight & Isle of Man will be liable for additional Ferry costs.)

Please see your Owner's Manual that contains information on caring for your ozone including maintenance to clear blockages.  Your ozone generator has a general life expectancy of 5 years.

For more information on how to check and maintain your ozone or water care and spa maintenance please download the free guide available on the website or why not look at some of our videos available on http://pinterest.com/hottubassist

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