Motomassager dual moto manifold

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Motomassager dual moto manifold

pn 73540

If you have a dual motomassager then check the manifold that feeds the two motomassagers to ensure that it has not disintegrated. 

Top Tip:  If your motomassager has stopped going up and down then try running the spa without the filters and/or silver ions to maximise the flow of the water and increase the water pressure.  If this works then you need to either clean and degrease your filters or replace them if they are too old, and/or renew your silver ions. 

To check if you need to replace the spine remove the face plate from your spa and then detach the spine from the base by twisting it anti clockwise.  Then hold the spine upside down by the tail end with the round head at the bottom.  If the spine hangs straight then like your own back spine their should be flexibility and it should be okay, but if it hangs curved or 'banana shape' then like your back spine it has lost its flexibility and requires replacement.  

If you have a single motomassager also check the air line tube that connects to the head above the spine to ensure it has not disintegrated.  See air tube with o-ring pn 70307.

Over chlorination of your spa can decrease the lifetime of your spa parts, so to help prevent this we recommend that if you sanitise with chlorine then use non chlorine shock to shock dose weekly.

For more information on water care and spa maintenance please see our videos at or download our free helpful hints guide from the website.

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