Chlorine Starter Pack

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Product Code: Chlorine Starter Pack
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If you are re-commissioning your spa or installing a new purchase then this has everything you need.

1x 1kg Stabilised Chlorine (£6.99)
1x 1kg Non-chlorine shock (£11.99)
1x 1kg pH Increaser (£7.19)
1x 1.5kg pH Reducer (£7.49)
1x 1kg Alkalinity Increaser (£7.99)
1x Silver Ions (£23.49)
1x 1 pot of 50 Aquacheck 4-way test strips (£7.20)
1x 1 ltr Scale Away (Inhibitor) (£7.60)
1x  500ml Spa Shine n Protect - Spa Cover/Lid Cleaner (£14.94)

Total Cost if purchased as singular items = £94.88 SAVE £9.49

For more information on water chemistry and spa maintenance why not see some of our helpful videos on or download our free helpful hints guide on our website.

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