Silver Ions Freshwater sanitiser

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Freshwater continuous Silver Ion Sanitiser

Used as part of your sanitisation system, the silver helps to repel bacteria in your spa so the chlorine can effectively oxidise off the bacteria.  

Must be changed every 4 months otherwise this can cause a restriction of flow of your spa water.    Helps to provide enhanced bather comfort and reduce potential unpleasant odors and scum lines. 

Compatible with HotSpring, Tiger River, Hot Spot, Solana, Sanum, Limelight and Caldera spas. Can be used in conjunction with the FreshWater III Ozone and can be used with the Ace system if you have an adapter (pn 76309 @ £3 compatable with HSS & TriX filters)

Also available as a bonus deal here.

For more information on water chemistry and spa maintenance why not see some of our helpful videos on or download our free helpful hints guide on our website.  HTA is a member of BISHTA (British & Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) and works within the BISHTA guidelines. 

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