Bromine Tablets

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Bromine Tablets for sanitising your hot tub

1kg Pot

These Bromine Tablets are ideal for daily dosing of your spa to produce free active bromine which kills bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms.  Designed for use with bromine feeders and floating dispensers.   Always follow your manufacturers guidelines and care label. 

Safe sanitiser reading is 4-6ppm and referred to Total Bromine.

When adding Bromine briquettes to a floating dispenser, the initial dose will depend on bather loading of hot tub.  The floating dispenser will have a flow gauge which can be altered to increase or decrease water flow over the briquettes.  Remember  Bromine briquettes dissolve slowly.  You should still shock your spa weekly and you can use Non Chlorine shock to do this.

If you are unsure about your water chemistry or how to test your spa then see our videos on

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