Chlorine/Bromine Gold Service Plan Pack

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Product Code: Chlorine /Bromine Gold Service Pack
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If you have just purchased a pre-loved spa, or if you are starting up again after a long winterisation then this could be for you whether you have a Chlorine or Bromine system to sanitise your spa water.  

1x 5Kg Chlorine OR 3x 1kg Bromine Tablets depending upon which you prefer.
1x 5Kg Non Chlorine shock
1x 1 Kg pH+
1x 1.5 Kg pH-
1x 1Kg Alk Increaser
1x 1Ltr Cartridge Cleaner 
3x Silver Ions
2x Aqua 4 test strips OR 2x Bromine Test Strips
2x 1Ltr Stain and Scale Inhibitor

Would cost £194.21 if you purchased items singularly.  SAVE £19.43

Receive this for Free when you take out an Annual Gold Service Agreement for £849 incl. 3 Gold Services every 4 months. 

For more information on water chemistry and spa maintenance why not see some of our helpful videos on or download our free helpful hints guide on our website.

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