Spa Shine 'n' Protect (polish)

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Use Spa Polish to protect your spa cover and Eternawood. 

500ml plastic trigger spray bottle.

A  silicone based cleaner and conditioner that cleans, shines and protects acrylic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces.  This product polishes and protects surfaces from UV, moisture and harsh chemical degradation so it is ideal for hot tub cover and acrylic shell surfaces. 

Regular use prevents slow fade of vinyl spa covers. 

Top Tip:  Good maintenance of your lid helps to prolong its lifetime.  Remove any bird droppings as soon as possible by washing off with mild soapy water as this can be very acidic.   Don't put anything sharp or heavy on your lid as this can ruin the vinyl and break the inner cores.

For more information on how to look after your lid/spa cover why not see download our free helpful lid and pillow care guide on our website or why not watch some of our spa maintenance videos for hot tub care on

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