Hot Tub Flush (System Cleaner)

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"The Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker plus of the Hot Tub World!"

0.5 ltr bottle

Hot Tub Flush (system cleaner) is specifically formulated to remove build-up of soap and oil deposits in spa plumbing and improve the longevity of your spa.  It is a highly acidic product that also kills off bio-films which are clever bacteria that forms a barrier over itself that ordinary chlorine cannot attack and it helps to clear limescale build up.  

Recommended by BISHTA (British & Irish Hot Tub and Spa Association) that you drain and change your spa water every 3 to 4 months and use a product like Hot Tub Flush (System Cleaner) to clean your internal plumbing. If you have an Ace system then you can change your water every 6 months in accordance to the manufacturers guidelines. 

This is a highly effective product which HTA uses on their Gold Services and should be flushed out with clean water, and as much of the residue removed as possible. HTA uses a wet vac system when providing this service. 

Please always read the care label and your owners manual.

For more information on water care and spa maintenance please see our videos at or download our free helpful hints guide from the website.

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