Water Softener Hose Adapter, Female

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Female Hose adapter connector for the portable water softener.

Also see male hose adapter pn 77342

Used with a portable water softener unit that can be used again and again for refilling your hot tub with soft water.  Ideal if you have an Ace system as there will be no need for Vanishing Act (Calcium Bags).

Luxuriate in the soft caressing waters that a deionised water purifier can give you and reap the benefits.

Benefits of Soft Water includes
Avoiding build of scale, prevents rust stains, reduces water spots, improves dry rough skin, increases the life of your hot tub and provides an improved odour. 

Not just for your hot tub you can also use it to clean your windows, or your car or caravan etc. 

Connect the portable water softener to your garden hose at the inlet and then connect the hose supplied to the outlet for usage. When you buy a water softener both the male and female adapters are provided foc. 

To regenerate your water softener you simply add common table salt. Always follow the care label. 
If you are unsure which size Portable soft water purifier you will require for your hot tub, please contact our office and one of our after care administrators will be more than happy to Assist you.

For more information on water care or the ace system please see our videos available at http://www.pinterest.com/hottubassist

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