Water Wand Cartridge Comb for Filter Cleaning

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The Water Wand Comb helps to give a deep clean to your filter(s) by getting in between the pleats when removing the debris and reduces water wastage.  

Simple to use and connects to your standard garden hose it can reduce filter cleaning time by more than 50%. It has 
a soft rubber comb with 8 fan nozzles to flush out debris from both sides of each cartridge pleat with no messy spray-back.

For most effective results, first soak the filter in a filter degreaser. 

We would recommend that you hose your filters weekly to remove any debris and use the instant filter cleaner for a quick spruce degrease, and then give them a deep clean with the cartridge cleaner to soak out the oils and lotions on a monthly basis. 

For more information on water care and spa maintenance please check out the easy to follow videos on www.pinterest.com/hottubassist 

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