Ambient Thermometer

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Thermometer for use in either Hot Tubs, Spas or Pools to take a water temperature reading, or can be used as a normal thermometer. 

Mercury powered Certikin graphite scoop thermometer manufactured from plastic with a shatterproof plastic lens to magnify both the centigrade and fahrenheit temperature readings. 

Remember the outside ambient temperature will affect the heating of your hot tub and it's operational costs. You can expect a 10% variance between the temperature set on your spa and the temperature of your water especially when the lid is off.  

Think of your spa like a thermos flask.  The warmer the weather the better, as it will keep your spa warmer for longer which means that the heater won't have to activate as much so lowering your operating costs.  If you keep the lid off your thermos flask then it will lose heat very quickly so a good hot tub lid is essential for retaining the heat in your spa and keeping your operating costs low. 

For more information on ordering a new  spa cover please speak to one of our customer care consultants and they will be Happy To Assist you. 

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