Solana Spa Cover/Lid - Other Hotspring lids available

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No Deposits, No Pre-Payments & a 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

HTA only sell Genuine Watkins manufactured lids for their various makes and models of hot tubs & spas.  

Prices start from £352 for a Solana Pearl spa cover as featured.

Other Watkins spa covers & lids are available and vary in cost depending upon the size, age and make & model of the spa,
 and the most familiar colours available are Rust (redwood), Ash (grey) or Espresso (dark brown).  

HotSpring®: Accolade, Aria, Classic, Envoy, Grandee, Highlife, Jetsetter, Landmark, Prodigy, Sovereign, Summit, Vanguard, Triumph
Caldera: Cantabria, Elation, Geneva,  Kauai, Martinique, Moorea, Niagara, Tahitian, Trinidad 
Tiger River: Bengal, Caspian, Siberian, Sumatran,
Limelight: Bolt,  Flair, Gleam, Glow, Pulse
Hotspot: Dash, La Palma , Malaga, Mallorca, Relay, Rhythm, Sorrento, Sprint, Stride, Tempo
Solana: Sx, Tx, Rx
Sanum: S1000, S900 & S800

Has your lid gone heavy or seen better days?

Think of your spa like a Thermos flask, with the lid retaining the heat on the top of your spa. The more effective this is then the better your spa will be at retaining the heat for longer keeping your operational costs lower so that your heater doesn't have to come on as often to heat it up to temperature. (Remember the outside ambient temperature will also have an effect on this.)

A heavy lid can put strain on your lifter causing it to bend, and can pull on the spa brackets attached to your spa cabinet causing the wood to break.  A heavy lid can weigh anything up to appx 175kgs in comparison to a new one which weighs only appx 20kgs.

If your hot tub is located outdoors it is exposed to the elements 24/7 incl. wind, rain, sun, snow & frost as well as garden critters & birds and tree sap.  Even if your spa is located indoors, in either case the underside of your spa cover is in contact with the hot water and chemicals within your spa.  Over time, just like the tyres on your car, your lid will need changing due to general wear and tear, as the outer vinyl starts to lose its suppleness and its UV & water repellent properties, and the inner wrapping will start to deteriorate causing the cores to become exposed which will in turn gradually absorb water like a sponge.  

Top Tip:  Keep your chlorine levels to the lower 2-3ppm rather than the higher 3-5ppm and remove/lift your lid when you are shock dosing your hot tub on clean cycle.  This allows the bacteria to oxidise off more easily and doesn't expose your lid to the higher levels of chlorine or non chlorine shock.

Please see our Lids Do's and Don'ts guide on the website to help maintain your lid and improve it's longevity.

If your lid is not in stock then it will need to be ordered directly from the USA manufacturer and it can take up to 8-12 weeks for it to be shipped by sea container.

A delivery and fitting service is available for mainland England & Wales residents only and we can also remove your old lid for safe disposal in accordance with environmental health - please ask for a quotation. For customers living in the Isle of Wight & Isle of Man additional Ferry costs may apply. 

If you would like delivery only then this will usually be delivered by a third party courier company which you can discuss with a Customer Consultant who will be able to provide you with a separate quotation.  This is for UK only.

To receive a quotation and order your replacement cover please call one of our Customer Consultants on 0800 849 2468 or 01245 392630 or email us at  and we will be happy to help you with your order.  You will need to advise if your lid flips open either front to back or side to side when standing in front of the control panel.  

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