Vanishing Act Bonus Deal for Ace

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Product Code: Vanishing Act Bonus Deal for Ace
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Vanishing Act Calcium remover bag for the Ace Sanitiser system 4 for the price of 3!

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Create a softer, more enjoyable soaking experience.  Help prolong the life of your hot tub and extend the amount of time between water changes.  Use less water.

- Always make sure your water chemistry is balanced and properly sanitised before entering your hot tub. 
- For maximum effectiveness, ensure that the calcium remover remains on the heater return or suction fitting while the calcium remover is in use. 
- Calcium remover may not be necessary if water hardness is already in or below the suggested range. 
- If you are in a particularly hard water area then multiple calcium removers maybe needed if initial water hardness is above 200ppm. 

Alternatively, why not invest in a water softener and negate the use of a Vanishing Act bag and you can use it for other household chores like cleaning the windows or your car without getting that streaky residue. 

Always refer to your owners manual or watch the dedicated Ace videos on line at or

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