Stabilised Chlorine Bonus Deal

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2X 5kgs Stabilised Chlorine

Sanitise your hot tub with easy to use ultra-fine grade stabilised chlorine granules.

Please remember your chlorine level should ideally read 2-3ppm for comfortable bathing.  You can bath up to 5ppm but anymore than this would be very uncomfortable and is not recommended.  Any less than 2ppm will mean that you are more liable to bacteria and pollution issues with your water.  Keeping your chlorine levels to the lower end of the scale will mean less chlorine usage so saving you money, but more importantly it will improve the longevity of your spa and lid and provides better bathing comfort. 

Top Tip.  If you have an ozone this works in harmony with your spa to help kill off bacteria.  Silver ions also helps the chlorine to do its job more effectively as silver repels the bacteria allowing the chlorine or non chlorine to oxidise off the bacteria more effectively. That's why you can now buy plasters with silver! 

For more information on water chemistry and spa maintenance why not see some of our helpful videos on or download our free helpful hints guide on our website.

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