Non Chlorine Shock 1kg

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Ideal as an alternative sanitiser for all hot tubs or for a once a week shock system.

Available in both 1kgs and 5kgs containers (5kgs also available as a bonus deal.)

It is important to shock dose your spa to keep bacteria at bay and keep you safe.

These chlorine free shock granules are ideal for regular oxidisation of pool and spa water.  They are suitable for pools and spas running on chlorine or bromine. 

If you don't like chlorine this may be an alternative for you.  Instead of using chlorine as your daily sanitiser why not use the non-chlorine shock instead, but if you do this then you must still shock dose once a week with the chlorine raising your chlorine level to 10ppm to shock dose. 

Top Tip:  When shock dosing your spa keep the lid off and run your clean cycle or jets for 10 mins to circulate the water and run the chlorine or non-chlorine through your pipes.  Keeping the lid off will help to oxidise off the bacteria and it is kinder to your lid.  You could also remove your pillows if you are shock dosing with chlorine to help them last longer. 

For more information on water chemistry and spa maintenance why not see some of our helpful videos on or download our free helpful hints guide on our website. HTA is a member of BISHTA (British & Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) and works within the BISHTA guidelines. 

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